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For over 37 years we’ve made loyal, life-long customers by offering incredible service and exceptional quality. Order custom with confidence knowing we stand behind every single product we make. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or any part of your experience, just let us know - and we'll make it right! Below is a button that will take you to our FAQs, as it pertains to our guarantee.

Questions? Contact: 866.215.3173 / info@galaxy-design.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1  What are your payment options?

2  What if I measure incorrectly?

3  Is there a store or showroom where I can see and touch the items?

4  Is there a printed catalog available?

5  How do I contact Galaxy Design if I have a question?

6  Who is going to install my drapes?

7  Will my finished drapes and hardware look exactly like my fabric and hardware samples?

8  How long does it take to get my drapery order?

9  What is the standard drapery finish length?

10  How many panels does it take to cover a standard window?

11  Do your drapes come with lining or backing?

12  What types of drapery fabrics do you carry?

13  What is a good fabric for draperies?

14  How long does it take to receive my drapery hardware?

15  What if I open the packaging and notice that the item inside is damaged?

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PAGE : Total: 25 questions

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